Many people that try container gardening were not aware of how easy it actually it is to do; you just need a container like a pot or box to begin. One of the best things about container gardening is the fact that you can avoid the typical pests that harm other crops or plants that are grown. The following tips presented in this article will help you understand how you can try out container gardening to grow anything that you like including flowers and herbs.

Container Style

To start with you will need to determine the style of container that would fit in best with your conditions. The list of options for containers for your garden is quite long; such as boxes, food containers, plant pots, etc. If you choose a wood container, you need wood that has not been chemically treated and remember that wood will most likely end up rotting after awhile. However, keep in mind that the container must have drainage, so you’ll have to create holes at the bottom. Knowing that light colors have less of a tendency to retain undesirable heat that could be too hard on your plants; you may want to stay away from using dark-colored containers. The sizes of your containers will hinge on the size of the plants you will be putting in them. You would not want to crowd your flowers or herbs into an area that it will not be able to thrive in.

Temperature and Humidity Condition

Regardless of how much less complicated it is to container garden than it is to plant and maintain outdoors; you will still be required to supply the necessary temperature and humidity conditions. You would be wise to select plants that are either known for successful growth in your area or ones that will easily become accustomed to your conditions. You may have a few issues with humidity or temperatures if you decide to grow desert plants; like cacti. If you decide to plant tropical type plants you will have the extra duties of keeping them hydrated and supplying the additional water they require. You may consider putting plants that have comparable growing needs in the same containers.

The type of garden that you plant in your container gardening can be edible, or simply something that you want to look at in your spare time. Aesthetics plays a large role in some people’s ability to garden, specifically in what they will or will not plant. Whether you are growing and indoor or outdoor garden, the colors that you choose to use in the garden should, to some degree, match the interior or exterior surroundings. Depending upon the color of the plants that you grow, they can have positive or negative effects on the mood of those that are near the plants themselves.

Plant Colors

If you want to stimulate people, plant yellow or orange plants; if you want people to feel calm, use lavender or pink for the colors that your plants will have in your container garden. Although this is totally your choice to make, the colors that you plant, depending upon the room that you place them in, may affect people’s moods so be conscious and courteous of this fact.

Container gardening is getting more fashionable all the time, because folks wish to grow their own veggies and herbs. Although we would like to invest in a good sized garden; it would invariably take a lot of time and space that we do not necessarily have. Even though we may all wish to have a big garden, container gardens are a really good option and require a lot less time and effort.